Awesome 32!

That seems like a password.. A password to the history of my life.

I carry it always..

The past..

The pain..

The Sweetness..

The insults..

The romance..

The humiliations..

The applauds..

The failures..

The victories..

The solitude..

The Movement..

The Struggle..

The present..

The dreams..

The future..

And the life..

Thanks to..
Amodita for waking me up and made my day.. Not just today, but almost all days..
Pournamy for all the support and Love..
My Sisters for the wishes..
My Mom, an inspiration to struggle more every day..
My Father, who guided me all along to become a social animal..

GLUG PESCE. That was an awesome one.. I didn’t realize about their birthday dedication until my friend Vignesh brought it to my notice. It was a FSMK activity itself.. Continue the great work. Long way to go..
Community Center.. They gave me birthday wishes in six different languages. All standing together like a group song team, keeping the notebooks where they have written these wishes and singing..
Friends from different areas.. School friends from native, engineering college friends, ex-office collegues, current office colleagues, Movement friends, friends from the online space, list goes on..
Thanks a lot for all the wishes..
I will try my level best to become a better human going forward, based on the learnings from the past and present.


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