Donate your old PC for Computer literacy movement

Your old PC may be less brighter than your laptop.. But still they can brighten the lives of many.. Community Centers awaiting..
We use Free Software to teach.. (Free as in Free Thought not as in free bucket)..

#Join FSMK #Join Computer literacy movement.. #Donate your old PC


2011-08-04 19.34.18

Please campaign among your friends and relatives to donate their old Personal Computers for a cause. FSMK(Free Software Movement Karnataka) is spear heading a movement of the hour called Computer Literacy movement through its community Centers. We are doing an experiment for last 3 years and it is fruitful today by creating about 70 to 80 computer literates. This includes, school kids, House Wives, Normal laborers, etc. They were all enthusiastic through out their learning experience. This exercise was not limited to few computer applications, but gone beyond to some soft-skills training also. Their communication skill has improved a lot. They started doing discussions about social issues and developed a scientific thought process. School students doing their home work from our center through a collaborative learning.

2011-08-04 19.34.35

Initial set of Community Center Students are no more students, but they are teachers who started grooming the new set of students. And the new students include their parents too.To continue the momentum and satisfy the need of the hour, we need to start more such community centers. Also we need to equip our schools with more computers where the system need not spend more money on software licenses. Digital divide will be one of the major challenges of the new India. There will be a huge section who do not have access to the technologies and will become mere spectators. But imagine a situation where these spectators also part of the main stream and contributing to the development of the country. We are aiming for that.

Please visit http:/ for more details about our activities.


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