Wikipedia Women’s workshop

Free Software Movement of Karntakta has conducted a session in Jyothi Nivas College in Bangalore on “Wikipedia”. thanks to Nikitha from Wikimedia Foundation India chapter, who came from Mumbai exclusively for this session. The session was attended by about 30 students and 10 volunteers from different colleges. It was a good experience to see a workshop for and by women going all through the day.




Wikipedia is one way to tell the world that we are also here. The facts we found are these. That could be a small incident in your surrounding but which is due to many other things, which  may have multiple implications. So it is worth to mention that in the new mode of marking the history. Technology is enabling all of us to write the history. The history of places, people, institutions, science and technology, philosophy and time itself. It is a platform which is very much in line with the Free Software, Free society philosophy which we all are demanding and striving hard to establish.


Nikitha has trained our women volunteers in advance and that has helped the entire session to go in a smooth and systematic manner. They have covered the importance of Wikipedia, a “live encyclopedia”, a platform for collaborative learning and sharing. All the attendees have created their account in Wikipedia and created their first page. They talked through the talk page in Wikipedia. Niktha has gone in to the nuances of new content addition, modification, etc. She has covered the details like semilock, archivals, addition of pictures and references, etc.





Considering the fact that only one out of ten Wikipedia contributors are women this kind of sessions will definitely improve the contributors in general and women in particular. It is time that all spheres should become more democratic in all aspects. Let all voices be heard. Incidentally while the session was happening a mail in DAKF( another member organization in FSMI) mailing list came to notice. It was about a Wikipedia activity by DAKF to contribute and correct articles about women. Time is maturing to have a society where equality is of utmost important and let us all work towards making it faster.


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