Wintercamp: A life time experience

Free Software Movement Karnataka(FSMK) conducted an Industry orientation workshop for engineering college students on Free Software in the month of Jaunary-2013 from 26th to 30th in SVIT collge, Rajanukunte near Yelahanka in Bangalore. About 150 students participated in the workshop which was filled with Talks, Hands-on labs, some stress releasing fun filled activities. About 20 volunteers, mostly sutdents from variuos engineering colleges worked hard to make it a success.

Workshop started with a philosophy session from Raghavendra. During the inauguration function Senthil connected the students with Free Software Movement on global level. He talked about Aaron and his contributions. it was hurting to see a young man died for the cause of freedom. Aaron is the first martyr of free software movement.

The next four days brought back the memories of my scout days. I had attended so many camps of Scounts and surely it has an influence on my nature. Same way FSMK was trying to give the opportunity to about 150 students and 20 volunteers to become better human beings in our society. We couldn’t completely tak about philosophy due to the packed technical sessions and hands-ons. There were participation from 20 engineering colleges and it was nice to see all of them crossing the virtual barriers of their college walls and working together.

Our college volunteers did a great job and they are the key factor for the success of the workshop. The enthusiasm they showed to run around and execute both technical and non-technical tasks was amazing. They interacted with the participants and supported them to understand different topics. We have done daily reviews of the camp along with the volunteers and they were open to raise their concerns. This has helped us to address the issues of any severity as early as possible. In all these activities few individuals played crucial role in the functioning of the wintercamp. Raghavendra, Sarath, Vignesh and Shijil. They were in the camp all through 5 days and lead the activities from the front. Hats-off guys for keeping the expectations of the organization and people high.


This was one litmus test we have done ourselves for the organization and it was successful. There is lot of enthusiasm around for doing more activities. Hope this will lead to the formation of more GLUGs and the expansion of FSMK. the user base of free software is ever expanding. But imparting ideological understanding to even a common user is important to make the free software’s freedom more enjoyable. Also we need to get more free software contributors. let us all work together for the future and Free software is the future.


One thought on “Wintercamp: A life time experience

  1. It’s truly an amazing experience for me. A great place to know and learn essential free software. Thanks a lot Rameez to pulling me into this. I am looking forward to contribute more towards FSMK.

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