Diesel Price Hike and some related thoughts




Link of three different cartoons from “The Hindu” news paper is given above. This is from Jan 18, 19 and 21. Two of them by Surendra and one by Keshav. All three shows the current political reality and context of the country. Two of them about the promotion of Mr. Rahul Gandhi to Vice President (a new post) of Congress party and one about the “Suffering” women of this country.

When we say “Suffering” it may invoke a misleading thought as there is already lot of suffering are there for women from their male counter parts. Rapes are a daily affair across the country. Just like murder there is no single day passes without the news about attacks on women. But here I was mentioning about the attack on women by Government itself. It has thrown the Indian people to a hot baking pan to fry. Control over the diesel price by the Government has been removed. Just like petrol prices the petroleum companies can increase the price every two weeks. And the decision has come already to increase by Rs. 1/-.

Interesting fact is that there is that the subsidy for the Government transport corporations have been removed and they have to pay Rs. 11/- extra compared to the current price. Because of the same K.S.R.T.C which was already under a loss of 900 crores is shutting down about 30% of its operations. Who is affected because of this? The common man who depend on the public transport to travel long distances to earn his living.

Congress party was celebrating the elevation of Mr. Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi himself is emotional for the people. The people of this country are speechless after the diesel shock. BJP, the major opposition, didn’t have much opposition. Anyway let the Congress continue with the anti-people policies, so that we can come to the power. This is the approach BJP and its opportunist allies taking.

I am hopeless about a change. Unless the suffering class of this country realizes that it requires an alternative, we will not come out of these sudden shocks. The have not’s continue to be have not’s and their condition is becoming more and more worse day by day. I am writing this from Bangalore. There was a news day before yesterday about a demolition at Ejipura a colony near National Games Village. Bulldozers were put in to action to erupt another “mall” for the middle class and upper class of this city. The lower class should enter that “mall” to clean the toilet only. This stark difference of our society will never end unless our power corridors come out of the GDP dreams. Yes, the GDP of the country is growing. Number of billionaires are growing. But remember number of poor also increasing. The people who have voted for you are on the streets. They don’t know where to go. They don’t have food for a day. They don’t have a shelter to survive this winter.

We need a Governance which think in a direction which can bring in equality to people. We need a government which doesn’t force its employees to do corruption. We need a System which is free from prejudice.


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