Shameless Malayalam Media

When the country and the Kerala state itself is going through a tough situation after the diesel price rise and in the verge of a high inflation, they are discussing the internal matters of a Political Party, CPI(M). Hours of the broadcasting time is spent on the different agenda of the party.

They are conducting debates, talk shows, news flashes about the different proceedings, discussions and meetings of the CPI(M). They bringing in the individuals who have been expelled from the party or alienated from the party due to different reasons in to this discussions. Most of the time I do not see any official spokesperson of the party coming into this discussions. The anti party individuals talk for and against the party decisions every now and then according to their interests. These individuals just wanted to be alive at least in these media gimmics as they don’t have any space outside this frame.

These individuals gets the matter to talk in advance from the media itself. Most of the time if you closely watch the discussions the news reader first places her/his view and asks the individuals to agree to it. This absurd drama is going on for quite some time and has impacted the Kerala society in many ways.

They do not care about the Financial policies of the Congress Government in the State and Center. The Pro corporate Governments are punishing the common man in every aspect. It is very much evident that they are throwing the common man to a fire to face the principle of “Survival of the Fittest”. These governments forget that these foolish common people only brought them to the power just because there is no strong alternative.

Requesting the media of this country to make meaningful discussions and debates rather than misleading the people with some internal matters of a political Party.


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