17 Crores. 34000 Temples.. Rain Rituals


This blog is based on a news came in “The Hindu” on 21st July, Bangalore City Edition. Subject line of the news is “Karnataka pays for rain rituals”. This is not an unexpected news from Karnataka considering its 4+ years of B.J.P rule. None of the major political parties are going to raise their voice against this corrupt practice. May be some science groups, atheists and left parties might be vocal against this odd precedent. But they are small in numbers and here numbers matter….

The revenue department gets money from all the quarters not just from these temples or Hindu religious believers. As its public fund there should be democratic and reasonable thought process behind it. Government is just trying to mislead the attention of people by just playing this kind of tricks. 2010 flood victims of North Karnataka is not completely rehabilitated till now. The prime victims of the current drought situation, the farmers, are also going to be ignored. There are farmer suicides too. But the Government and its bureaucratic system is not ready to look into the actual solutions. They just continue to play the religious cards at every possible situation.
Fatal failure of the B.J.P Government has many examples. They have not appointed Lokayuktha after the retirement of just Santhosh Hegde. Changed their chief minister three times. Conducted resort drama for M.L.As many times. More than the developmental activities it is the power “poli-trics” of leaders got more attention from all corners. The peoples woos didn’t get any place in the last four years.

it is time for all to awake and react Hope the forthcoming Assembly elections will reflect people’s sentiments.


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