A success Story from Amigo Community Computing Center

Amigo Community Computing Center an initiative of Free Software Movement Karnataka (FSMK) has got a success story to its pages. Community center is a self evolving framework. FSMK just created the platform. But everything else is happening based on requirements in an organic way.

We have started the whole community Center experiment with AC3(Ambedkar Community Computing Center) which has changed the lives of many. Same way FSMK has opened up its office space to the kids in the surrounding locality. Our intention was to give them basic computer education using Free Software. As usual the IT folks of the organization was not able to commit much of their time to community center activities. But there were few individuals like Balaji, Jeeva, Palani, Sreejith,etc contributed a great amount of time in a consistent manner. It has resulted in creating teachers from the community itself. There are students from 10th Standard and PUC teaching others. A PUC student Divya and 10th Standard student Kavitha is teaching some of the Degree students.

As part of the self evolution process they found that some of their friends lost in SSLC examination are in need of help. 3 of them started combined study. One of them stopped in between. The other two continued. One of the students Bharath who lost Mathematics in the first attempt scored 10 marks in the first attempt and  70 in the second attempt out of 100. The other student who lost 3 papers was able to clear 2. The number of students who utilized this opportunity is less. But I feel proud of Bharath and other students who were part of this.


When I met Bharath for the first time he was too shy and running away. I met him again many times in the community Center among the students, during the preparation for the supplementary examination. I met him today again and he was lot more confident. He was ready to pose for a photo also :). Congratulations Bharath and team. Let us continue this effort to make more success stories.


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