VTU’s Love towards Microsoft Continues

VTU is infamous in having tie-ups with proprietary software company Microsoft. Free Software groups raised alarm 3 years back itself and done protests against such back door contracts. But still VTU is not ready to correct itself even-though other Government institutions are moving towards FOSS options. I have recently noticed an article came in “The Hindu” about high Courts moving to FOSS Operating Systems.

India Government is spending public money on having a FOSS based Operating system BOSS. But VTU is not ready to look at any of these initiatives. The administrators are still not ready to come out of the glass houses and see the reality in the software world. Being an educational institution, it has the responsibility of giving a level playing ground for the market players.

The recent breach of this code of ethics is on the its examination website. http://examform.vtu.ac.in/frmIntelliHomepage.aspx. Please have a look.

Do you find any thing wrong..  Yeah.. it is working fine. But can you take a close look at the right top hand corner where it asks for “student login” once again. With the red font they have given a clear cut message. “Use INTERNET EXPLORER 6 as the browser.. or INTERNET EXPLORER 7 & 8 in Compatible Mode”..

This is unfair. Are you not aware that you are compelling a student to use Microsoft Windows Operating system on his/her computer. Sir/Madam, Please note one point. We are visiting many colleges in an academic year in the interest of spreading the values and usage of FOSS. Every time I ask a question to the audience. How many of you use legal copy of the Operating System in your computer. They simply laugh. We can tell for sure that 95% of the users are using illegal copy of Microsoft Windows. And VTU is again asking them to either continue to use the illegal copy or buy a license.

Please have a re-look on the requirement of using Internet Explorer for your website. There are better alternatives in the FOSS domain. Mozilla Firefox is a widely used Browser and users don’t have much problem in understanding the usage. Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, etc are other browser options.  If you are still not able to make your website compatible with other Browsers, please mention a reason also along with your requirement. This is a kind request of a FOSS evangelist and an Indian citizen.


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