Community Computing Center @ FSMK

We have talked about the Community Computing Centres of FSMK earlier also. You can consider this article as a status update.

FSMK has started a community computing center at FSMK office almost four months back. There are other four centers called AC3(Ambedkar Community computing Center) running in different parts of the city. Some of them are active, but some are struggling due to resource crunch.

We have got many Free Software Volunteers from the AC3. The world leaders in Free Software Movement visited the centre in Sudharshan layout and amazed. Richard M Stallman, Eben Moglen and  Jonas are the few names coming to my mind immediately.

The one in FSMK office is running consistently with the help of four active volunteers. Sreejith, Bala, Palani and Jeeva (a volunteer from AC3 Sudharshan layout) deserves big accolades for the patience, consistence and creativity. The group of students attending the classes included house wives, school kids, college students, a cab driver, an electrician, a juice centre boy, etc. It started with 10 students and now the group strength is 20.

The students also consistent in attending the class with very minor exceptions. Their stage fear has gone and their communication skill has improved a lot. Now in addition to the 3 days computer classes they themselves conduct English class, social studies, General Knowledge sessions on other days. They group is becoming self sufficient day by day.

We are identifying future teachers who can take up community computing centre activities to more areas. Most of the people had lot of doubts about the functioning of the organization as we didn’t charge any fees. After spending four months with us I hope their doubts had vanished. They conducted the education day celebration at FSMK office and invited Balaji and me to talk to them. I am really prod the way this group is evolving. I am sure if this group is able to continue this activity they will be role models of our society.

Lastly I want to invite all of you to the event they are going to organise on Nov-14, Monday, the children’s day at 6:00 PM in the FSMK office. I am sure you will be delighted to see the progress they are making, the confidence they are showing. Please come and support this novice effort.


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