When Fascist Trends overpowers..

Indian Union freed from the colonial rule of British on 15 Aug 1947. But as many of us correctly understands, the freedom that we have is only for a namesake. There are four pillars in our system. Legislative, Media, Judiciary, and Executive. And the people are inside these pillars. If any of us want to look beyond these pillars, they will fall on you.. The ultimate fall to crush you.. You cannot come out of it.

CPI(M) Leader Jayarajan scolded the judges, who made a judgement to stop public gatherings, meetings, processions, etc in streets. History proves that the streets were important places and platforms were revolution happened and happening.. And a leader of a revolutionary party may not be able to suppress his feelings while the freedom of a citizen to express his anger in public is being hampered.Don’t forget Libiya, Egypt, etc..

Dear Judges, You are also human beings not Gods. You have power.. That is not for mis-utilizing it against a citizen of this country.  Don’t treat the criminal, corrupt politician and a people’s leader with the same plate. If you are not able to understand the feelings of the people, they will throw you out either tomorrow or in the future. It is a matter of time and social conditions.

When you retire from the chair you are sitting now, you are an ex-justice, ex-government servant, ex.. You will be just like any other citizen. May be you will continue to get the tax money in the form of Pension.. Nothing more and Nothing less..

Why there are two types of treatments to the UDF MP Sudhakaran and CPIM leader Jayarajan. Why don’t you take a case your self against the Congress leader and continue with the prosecution… Will it burn?

Or is it because of the High Court -> Supreme Court -> Central Government politics..


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