Happy kannada Rajyothsava

Free Software Movement of Karnataka is wishing you a happy and proud Kannada Rajyothsava. FSMK,  a committed free software movement has identified Kannada localization a primary task and working towards achieving that goal.

We have a localization team lead by Vignesh, is charting the activities on Kannada localization. Today was the third sprint of translating the English Strings used in Debian. There were around 350 Strings to be translated and a group of 10 people could complete around 60 in 3 Hours. This activity will be consistently continuing and will be completing in a timely manner.

We need the help of lot more people, escpecially the Kannada speaking community. If we need ot bring the large section of computer illiterate people close to the Information Technology and  localization can play a vital role in it. As always students are important in this movement. Arts and Science, Journalism and Engineering students can play different set of roles.


Please come forward. There are hundreds of activities waiting for you. There won’t be any monitory benefit for you immediately,  but trust me that will make lot of indirect impacts on all of our life.

Please visit. http://www.fsmk.org/

Also Please try to translate some of the English words in the glossary (http://computer-kannada.wikispaces.com).





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