Environment, Movement and NGO

I am travelling 25KM everyday to my office and the Bangalore traffic consumes atleast 3 Hours of my life every day. Even then I haven’t shifted my house nearby to my office because of some reasons. Out of that one reason is couple of trees in front of my rented house. It is quite pleasing environment it offers. Lot of birds, squirrels and more than that the green shade.

Everything related to trees have a place in my heart and an article in “The Hindu” also took one place.


There was a higly appreciable effort happening in one village in Uttarakhand. A group of 4 (A teacher, a postman, a grocery store owner and an ayurvedic healer), mobilized the villages and done re-forestration of 700 hectares. They built around 20 ponds. This happened over a period of 30 years. I admire the patience, consistance of the momentum and vision they kept alive for those long years.

What is more important is covered in the last section of the article. They were conscious about the Movement mode rather than an NGO mode. They rejected the world bank offer/loan of 100Cr. Some NGO’s tried to implement the model they have shown to the world. But due to the lack of commitment/Fund, they were not succeeded.

I would like to reproduce the last paragraph’s of the article here.

In 1999, a World Bank team visited Dudhatoli. Impressed by their work, they offered them a loan of Rs. 100 crores for village needs apart from afforestation. “A lady named Wenda said that since we were doing such good work without any money, we could do so much more if we got some money. But we said thanks but no thanks. Money will destroy whatever little work we have done,” says Bharti. “Our work was based on people’s hard work and a responsibility towards their forest. If money comes in, the feeling of responsibility would be lost. Anyway, people with more money cannot stay in small places like Uffrain Khal, they would need bungalows in Delhi,” he laughs.

NGOs from Himachal Pradesh came to see the work at Dudhatoli and tried to adapt it but it has been unsuccessful so far. “People forget that this is not a project. The BDO from Solan came here. Very few organisations are conscious of the fact that they have to work with people. Otherwise, work would end when the project money finishes,” says Bharti.

Congratulations to all who behind this great effort.


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