Testify : A re-invented method to prove your innocence


First time in the world history a government is proving the sociological principles wrong by taking some innovative methods to prove the innocence of its leaders. Its paving a new trend in the Indian Political History. You can call it as going back to history or denial of history according to your views and tastes.

We have seen school kids testifying each other by keeping their hands on their on head or others head for proving their innocence. To the next level we have seen village women quarrelling each other and at the end taking the help of local gods to testify themselves. But what we have not seen is something similar from the rulers of a democratic government. A chief minister and one of the opposition party leader throwing mud each other on the subject of corruption, nepotism and going to Dharmasthala to testify to prove that what they are telling is only correct in-front of the people who elected them using the peoples money.

Sir, One doubt. You are going to testify on the basis of your beliefs. There are people with different beliefs whom you represent.  Tribes, different religious-caste followers, atheists, etc. How are you going to testify yourself infront of all these people. How many days it will take. How much money. In which all places. Infront of whom?

Its foolishness that you are considering these people who are watching all these mimicry as fools. Those who don’t believe in the democratic system, its constitution and law are not eligible to be in the responsible posts of Chief Minister and Opposition Leader. You can’t make the people fools for all the time. If you realise this at the earliest, it will be good for you as well as the people.


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