M. F. Husain: Martyre of Cultural Extremism.

Art is part of culture and art grooms it. Which ever forms of the art it may be, it interacts with people. The level of the group with which it interacts may vary. Every age group can interact, enjoy art. But more than age group, the level of maturity and mental broadness matters.

A child, enjoys a painting by looking at its colours. The objects it covers. He may not be interested to go and read the words from a painting. It is same for every art form, Dance, Painting, Film, Literature, etc. Even when M. F. Husain has grown and started making mature art some section of the audience was not ready to read it. He has to pay iwth his nationality for the contemporary art he delivered.

M. F. died at the age of 95. Our independence has 64 years. So definitely he has witnessed pre-independence and post independence era. I don’t know whether he did anything in the independence struggle. But everyone know that he had to struggle a lot for his independence as an individual and as an artist. He had to struggle against his fellow men. Just like the minority who stood against him, there were only a minority to support him in that struggle. Other than SAHMAT, no other cultural organisation stood with him.  They were all worried about the cultural terrorism. No one was ready to become a victim of it willingly.

I am not eligible to judge the value of M. F. paintings. But I am for the freedom of a person. Especially for an artist. The so-called owners of any religion does not have the mandate of the people whether it is majority or minority to dictate anyone. The cultural extremists and religious extremists are in the same boat.

M.F. Husain exiled from the biggest democratic country, India, 10 years back at the age of 85, by the communal outfits. The so-called cultural safe keepers. This is a warning to everyone who thinks outside the box. M. F. Husain will be discussed in History, Sociology, Culture and Politics in the coming years. Different parts of the country may be having contradictory content in the text books about this artist. And it should be a lesson to everyone. M. F. Husain is a martyr of cultural extremism.


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