Raining Nostalgia

I have been in the Earth for 30 years now. Lot of people were there along with me in this journey. Full of experiences. Just like anyone filled with moments of happiness and sorrow. Luck and Challenge. When I am looking back, my life was full of turns. It has gone all the ways through some unexpected roads.

Born and Brought up in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. My parents were Government Servants(Non-Gazetted officers commonly called as NGOs) in Kerala. But it was not like a typical NGO family. being a progressive person, my father was in the public life of our village most of the time.  Spent lot of money, energy and time. Of-course it has evolved our social perspective also. Me and my two sisters also groomed to a progressive mind set. Yes there were challenges and my mother was struggling to cope up with that. I cannot simply say thanks to all of them, but much more than that.

The villages where I grown up, Manjamala and Cherunniyoor. Both of these villages are typical Kerala villages with a progressive environment. Library, Youth movement, Science Movement, Literary movement, etc, Many faces in my mind who helped me to evolve a social perspective of my own. My uncle Sabeen, an engineer by education, an actor by mind, a government servant by profession gave me the foundation in mathematics and it helped me in achieving my current life a lot. Thanks a lot all of them.

Sandeep, Soji, Suja Chechi, Renjith, Nidhi, Arun Ravi chettan, Raju Chettan, Nazirikka, Ani Maman… the list is long.. They were in my village frame with me. Usha Aunty, who groomed me as a patient human being, who left me behind and gone to a place unknown to me. Again can’t limit my words in just a thank you.

An amazing engineering college life. Another turning point in life. Many friends. Electronics and student activism were passions. And one of my friends is still with me, my wife, Pournamy. Thanks a lot to her parents, who showed the courage to let her marry to me. Thanks a lot to my college friends.

Out of my college friends if I am not mentioning about Vineeth and Riyaz it could be unjust. Vineeth is a University topper who would like to run in the front always. Riyaz is another intelligent fellow who stand uniquely by his own ways.  Both of them played a very crucial role in my life. They were with me during my college days and in the initial years of Bangalore also. They have paid my rent for the first 6 months of my life in Bangalore.. Still an unpaid loan left with me to keep remembering them.. They have given me lot of energy in appearing for interviews, developed my aptitude skills and lot more.. We have traveled a lot together. Coorg, Mysore, Ootty, Pondicheri.. Nice Memoirs. Thanks a lot guys for being there with me through out this journey.

Last 7 years in Bangalore have earned me lot of new friends. Ranjith, Sahal, Renju, Gibu, Shajive, ..They joined with me in my first company and we have struggled together to earn lot of technical experience. And of-course my longest career in IT industry was in Oracle and it has given me lot of friends. Manu, kapil, Sameer, DJ, Ranjan, Chandan[s],  Jagat, Anil[s], Rethesh, Natch, hari, Jagaddeesan, Mohan, Lynn, Jithu, Moorthy, Abi .. many more names. They have helped me to technically evolve.

My free Software movement friends also deserve a special thanks. They are my link to the real world, to the society. Jay, naveen, Nidhin, Raghavendra, Senthil karthik, Roopesh, Balaji, Surendra… many more.. Trust me they are helping me to evolve socially. The discussions, activities, meetings, technical sessions, etc.. are recharging stuff, which is keeping me connected to the society we live. Thanks a ton dear friends.

My micro family in Bangalore has four members. My little one Amodita, Wife Pournamy, Mother-in-law Girija and me. Mother-in-law prepares really tasty food and at least some of friends  might have appreciated her. And my wife is also supporting me to the best extend possible.  They are trying their best to sync-up with my wave length and it is not a small thing. I am great-full to all of them for bearing my  unpredictable nature.

I haven’t mentioned all names who have made some impacts on life. Just like a stream of photos there are many faces in mind. Great-full to all.  I don’t have much words to say thank you for being kind to me. Please shed the same light you were showing to my ways through out these years in the rest of my life also. All my best wishes are there with all of you.


2 thoughts on “Raining Nostalgia

  1. Yeah. Rajeev… You there… I forgot to mention that.. As you mentioned it was a real turning point in my life. Which gave me one more year to complete pre-degree 🙂 And of-course the schooling in cherunnyoor is unforgettable… Thanks a lot buddy..

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