Kabadi… Kabadi.. Kabadi..

Every Indian or South Asian would be familiar with the game Kabadi.  Kabadi is the national game of Bangladesh and State games of some Indian States. It is one of the native games in Olympics which is giving an advantage for India. Anyway it is a traditional game being played in the south asia for centuries. Now it is getting different forms.. When I see the latest struggles in the Indian politics I would like to compare it with Kabadi.

Credits of the image to rediff.com

One of the games lead by Anna Hasare is just over. Anna is saying it was only semi finals but Government is insisting that it was finals. By that time a self challenged new game started by another opponent Baba Ramdev.

Government tried to stop him from entering the ground by sending four of its cabinet players to receive him in the airport but didn’t have much results. Baba has already spent 11 crores rupees for the preparations for the satyagraha. I don’t know how a swamiji can keep this much wealth with him. Any way we have hundreds of examples. So let us not worry about that for time being and come back to the kabadi discussion. Players on the government side was keen on stopping Baba Ramdev from entering the ground by having relentless discussions. But how Baba will stop his journey.

Baba kept on telling it is not a communal or political initiative.  But R.S.S and BJP were keen to extent it support to the high voltage game. Every one knew that country is going through a crucial phase. But I was trying to figure out the differences between Anaa Hasare’s game and Baba Ramdev’s game. 1.3 billion spectators were there on both games. I was sure that the spontaneity that Anna enjoyed is not going to be there this time. Several reasons were there in the mind for that conclusion. Firstly, the apolitical mass of the country have already participated in the Anna game and satisfied their hunger for struggle. Secondly, Baba has got a safron color from the beginning with the way Sangh extended its support and with the body language of Baba itself. I don’t know how much influence is he having among the non-yoga population in this country. May be this was one of the well thought out games to attract that section also in to his folder.  Any way at this moment I just feel that it is a Sangh Experiment.

The interesting part has already happened. Government played a foul play. Last night after midnight (5th June 2011), Delhi police evicted the supporters and the players from Jantar Mantar Ram lila grounds forcefully. May they are trying to avoid the mistake which Narasimha Rao did 20 years back.

Again it is interesting to go through the comments of different political leaders. First of all the BJP leaders en-mass are behind the Sadhu, obvious.  They are telling it is equivalent to emergency period. Anna Hasare and his civil society leaders are also criticizing the  atrocity of the Government. But Government has its view point.  Law and order situation in the country is going on a toss because of this game. Human Resource minister Kapil Sibal who was one of the active player trying to negotiate with the Baba is telling “Baba is another face of R.S.S”.  Pranab Mukherjee is telling “Baba has broken his promise of stopping the struggle within 3 days” (only 18 hours has passed while the police action was taken).  Baba put Government in dark by repeating about unpractical demands.

The most interesting comment is from Baba himself. Baba is telling “This is the first time, he is facing the government atrocity. Government has agreed to all demands. But we are continuing with the fasting struggle.”. I am not able to make out the logic. Anyway Hanging a corrupt person is not at all a solution. Then there won’t be people to pay tax. Corruption is part of the Indian culture. reasons are socio-economic. the government in 1990s opened up the market, allowed liberalization and globalization largely. There is a competition to attain the best life facilities at the earliest even among siblings. The educational institutions became retail markets. At that time leaders never imagined that corruption is an attachment to it.  I am not telling it all started in 1990. But there is a great role for the liberalization policies in the current rampant corruption.

Then regarding Black money. it is not a new phenomenon. it was there for quite a long time. Did B.J.P do anything to bring back the black money and make it a national asset and part of the exchequer.  Again I am not justifying the crime, but trying to realize that entire system needs to be revamped. For that radical or anarchic  political-ideology-less struggle won’t be sufficient. A large amount of quality political education process required. Government should play a major role in strengthening the service and welfare sector in the country. People should feel more secure. Simply leaving the people for the capitalistic competition will leave the country to this kind of Kabadis..


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