Atomic Power: How many Years are India behind. ?

The invention of Atomic energy might be one of the turning points in modern history. It has impacted the world in many aspects. Economic, military relations between countries, etc have been influenced by the atomic power capcity of the involving countries. In the micro level also Hiroshima-Nagasaaki experiments of US in Japan has created lot of impact. Not going to the history of the second world war.

But after the second world war some more countries have acquired atomic energy technologies either by in-house researches or with the help of other countries. India also built its Atomic reactors with the help of Russia and making electricity. The pace of implementation and accuracy in production has created large amount of hope n the scientific community and civil community. Later we have experimented our atomic bombs behind “Buddha’s smile”. Buddha smiled multiple times. Sleep less nights of our immediate neighbour, Pakistan, triggered their atomic bomb experiments.

This post was basically written to think about two ironic decisions by India and Germany. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is in India,(31st may 2011). That is not the irony. Yes the irony is related to Nuke power plant only. Germany has decided to shutdown all its nuclear reactors by 2022. This decision came on 30th May 2011. They have started making Nuke energy from 1950. First commercial plant started in the year of 1969. One fourth of the total electricity is generated from nuclear energy.

So why Germany is going to shutdown their Nuke plants. It was a long standing political discussion in that country and the recent trauma in Fukushima(Japan) Nuke plant has accelerated the decision making process of Germany in the right direction. They seems to be committed in saving the lives of their people and nature.

What is the irony here!.. The bilateral discussions of India and Germany in progress and they have signed few pacts also. Even in the backdrop of this bilateral discussions Dr. Manmohan Singh has reiterated that India is going ahead with the Nuke program. Right now our production is 5000Mw that is going to be increased 20000Mw by 2020.

How many years are we behind the other countries. Even when there are live examples of disasters in-front of your eyes, India is not ready to revisit its decision on Nuclear Energy production. The prestige and prejudice of few people may get hurt , if the nation takes such decisions.



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