A positive Change in the Rural Bangalore

This post is based on an article came in Deccan Herald on 17th May 2011.

Link to the post is here http://www.deccanherald.com/content/161777/in-throes-change.html

There was a consistent effort and enthusiasm from some group of people which has changed the ecology of an area. The effort was spread over 25 Years.. From the Government allotted 20 Acres of land it has been spread to 100 acres of rich forest. It is because of a good vision and persistent energy which could have driven this effort through out these years.

The Karnataka Government also allotted to land to several Mutts. They have given grants for the functioning of certain Mutts. But this is the first time I am hearing about an organisation which has converted the land allotted to it has been converted to a rich Forest, which is acting as a CO2 sink of the Bangalore City. These are not just mere words for the publicity, but a truth in front of your eyes. They are planning to increase the area to 200 Acres.

Ramakrishna mission has done not just forestration in that village. But uplifted the villagers from illiteracy, health problems, environmental problems, etc.  I don’t have enough words to praise them.

I have one more reason to notice this article. Bangalore Environmental Trust. Which is headed by some eminent persons. They were there in my office as part of the Earth Day Celebrations. I have also attended. Yellappa Reddy, IFS,  had given an interesting talk and at the end, he was literally scolding the people for not taking part actively in initiatives for saving the environment.  That day I had taken a Neem Tree plant and Jasmin plant to home. Neem plant I have gifted my neighbour who is having a piece of land to plant it. 🙂

Let there be more efforts to green the earth. We need to channelize our public funds with proper planning and scientific approach with out corruption.


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