Petrol Price Hike a post-Poll gift

The much awaited petrol price hike became a reality. In Bangalore, I am paying 71 Rupees for a litter of petrol. My wife was telling that to reach 100 Rs. it may take another 3 more months. Wow.. a century.. Always 100 is a magic number for Indians and Petrol price also should reach 100.

And central government has managed it so well that the Petrol price hike is not affecting the poll results in any manner. The think tanks of the UPA government have ensured that there are no petrol price hikes from January. Now petroleum companies have the authority to revise the price every fortnight and they had waited so long (4 months) to revise the price.. We should obviously say a big thanks to the administration for such a long wait and gave us a breathing period to get accustomed to it.

I would congratulate the people who have elected the new congress-pro state governments who can obviously be proud of such a brilliant governance. Now it is time for the petroleum companies to recover some losses.. Still it is not sufficient. Our Central Government ministry has intervened in the decision making processes and asked them to put the increase of burden only to 5 Rs. We can obviously expect another blow in the next 2 weeks time. I was wondering why they are not deregulating the diesel, LPG and Kerosene prices also so that our Petroleum companies won’t suffer much. Our petroleum companies should be the icons to the other countries. They should be profitable always. They should be able to give their managers better wages. They should be able to provide good packages to their employees… You know they also belong to working class.. And ultimately, Petroleum companies are giving huge amount of money to the exchequer..Who the hell is the public to protest against such noble ideas…


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