A set back for Free software Movement

Elections in 5 States of Indian Union have completed and the results are announced. Two Governments led by the Left Governments lost their power, Kerala and West Bengal.  In India it was clearly evidenced that Left Parties were politically supporting the Free Software Movement through their policies.

The Biggest Free Software Implementation in the Government level was first introduced in Kerala.  They have adopted FOSS as part of the School curriculum and educated lakhs of students to enjoy the software Freedom.

It is really a set back for the Free Software movement also by their loss. The free software enthusiasts have to keep a vigil of the policy implementations of
all these new Governments and correct them whenever necessary by actively and proactively involving in Computer/Information Technology/Software related policies.

I hope there won’t be any revisit of the current free software policies by the new Governments, at least for the sake of their citizens.  Congress Party has advantaged in these elections. They came to the history of Indian politics through Freedom struggle.  So I assume that they would realize the importance of Freedom. Though they have not yet recognized the need to Free Software (free as in freedom) through their policies.  Being a National Party, which is holding the power in the center as well as most of the states, it is really important for us to make them understand the philosophy about Free Software.

I don’t have too much hope on the regional parties. For the sake of inviting private players to their state, they will be ready for making any kind of adjustments.  So they might invite the proprietary software companies, by making adjustments in their policies by investing lot of Public money.
These proprietary companies are looting our money, the hard earned money. Instead of using it for a real cause, real development, for the betterment of the society, Government will be giving to fill their pockets.

Dear Free Software Enthusiasts/Activists, the coming days may not be as smooth as it was. Be prepared for strong activities to convince our political leaders who can change the fate of many.

Free Software is the Future.. Future is Ours..


2 thoughts on “A set back for Free software Movement

  1. Wow Rameez,

    Can you give some data to substantiate you claim or is it just your worry that UDF is going to screw up the system. I am an apolitical person but this article seems to be biased towards the left 😉

    I am all for Free software but when you consider educating the masses with Open Source software, govt. seems to have less bearing on how we train ourselves with new open source or paid software. Most of the Geeks are self taught and change in govt. has less impact on how they adopt softwares. would love to hear your thoughts…

    Atul Jose

  2. hello Atul,
    Thanks for going through my article and leaving a comment.
    I am not talking about Free Software Geeks and not about Open Source also.
    I am talking about a large number of implementations of Free Software in Govt. Sector. There is a huge philosophical difference between the terms Open Source and Free software.
    You might be able to search for the Kerala Govt. stand on UID project implementation in Kerala. I haven’t heard any other states had taken such a ideological stand. Is there any other states in India, where in the Curriculum Only Free Software Has been strictly used.


    IT@School and Kerala IT Mission were taken conscious effort to use only Free Software, where ever possible.

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