Why Not Just Cloud?

Is there any possibility of not having cloud.. Only a clear blue sky..!! No.. It is next to impossible. There is a chain of dependencies. No cloud -> No Rain -> No Water -> No Cultivation/Bathing -> No Food/Hygienic  -> Disaster..

So it is proven that cloud can’t be removed. Now you might be wondering whether this guy has gone nut?! Yea one of them.:)

I am trying to talk about a cloud in the Internet not on the sky. Any way the reasoning I have given earlier are applicable here also. Technology has proven that cloud is next. And the industry also accepted this piece of cake very well.  There is a huge market opened up in-front of the giants and start-ups.

Industry giants are ready to sell the cloud service and start-ups are ready to buy it. A little amount of explanation on cloud might be important here. Cloud is generic term to cover different layers of services. There are companies offereing platform as a service (PaaS) like Amazone., Software as a Service(SaaS) like IBM, Oracle, Google, Data as a Service (DaaS), etc. End user can avail these services based on need. Startup IT companies who doesn’t have enough money to implement the hardware infrastructure can avail PaaS. They can build their prototypes on that and go to marketing. If we take the case of SaaS the customer segment is varied. It can be IT companies non-IT companies or individuals also. there will be complete set of software product offering from the service providers and the end user can directly go-ahead and use it with minimal customization.

End user is not bothered in which machine his application is running. What is th data center configurations, etc. Google’s beta product offerings like google docs can be considered in this category where the end user is individuals who are keeping their data in the web itself. Data and its processing is happening in the service provider end and little processing happening at the end user computer.

Hope a fair idea about cloud has been passed to you. You can read more about cloud from cloud itself. But my topic of discussion is a little ahead of just cloud. I am associated with Free Software Movement. The visionaries in this movement had alerted about different threats cloud is possesing before the end user. Eben Moglen was in Bangalore in the year of 2010 and was strongly presenting his objections against the current implementation of cloud. At that time most of the people received it as a philosophical comment. But when it started coming to reality from different corners people outside the movement again trying to subvert it with some lame arguments.

Everyone will be knowing about the portal wiki-leaks and Julian Assange. people are being amazingly watching the way wiki-leaks emerged in the last few months by releasing certain confidential cables. But majority of them never surprised with the content.  Because world history has enough evidence of nature of imperialism and its crookedness. Now those so called powerful countries, leading the globe has to wash their face with blood of whistle blowers and the wiki-leaks especially its leader Julian Assange. How is it related to Cloud? Yes there is a relation. The American Companies who were cloud services providers to wiki-leaks stopped their service because of the pressure from governments. So their is no guarantee that your data is safe in cloud. You are willingly giving up your data. The probability of a heart attack is based on th the criticality of data.

So What is the the alternative. There are alternatives proposed by Free Software Movement. Wiki-Leaks itself came out of the trauma by having mirrors of their data in multiple centres across the globe. That is one of the solutions. You can’t be greedy here. Use different GPL or equivalent licenses for your data and software. It will ensure freedom for everyone. Freedom to Learn, Modify, Share and redistribute.  Try to follow open standards than the proprietary standards which will come with a price tag and security thread for the immediate future and long term as well.

Free Software is the Future.. Future is Ours…


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