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  • Richard Stallman’s TEDx video: “Introduction to Free Software and the Liberation of Cyberspace”
  • GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back
  • US cell phone unlocking law: a temporary fix to only part of the problem
  • Watch: “JavaScript: If you love it, set it free”
  • Replace your proprietary BIOS with Libreboot
  • FSF at CommonBound conference on economic equality
  • Introducing Micah, summer intern for the Licensing Team
  • Free Software on the final frontier: GNU Radio controls the ISEE-3 Spacecraft
  • Recap of Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup: August 1
  • GNU MediaGoblin 0.7.0: Time Traveler’s Delight
  • Join the FSF and friends in updating the Free Software Directory
  • LibrePlanet featured resource: Laptops comparison
  • GNU Spotlight with Karl Berry: 26 new GNU releases!
  • GNU Toolchain update
  • Richard Stallman’s speaking schedule
  • Other FSF and free software events
  • Thank GNUs!
  • Take action with the FSF

Richard Stallman’s TEDx video: “Introduction to Free Software and the Liberation of Cyberspace”

From July 31st

Are you in search of an easy way to explain to others what free software is and why it matters? Or are you perhaps wondering why you yourself should be concerned about computer-user freedom? If your answer is yes, then this TEDx talk by RMS is what you’re looking for!

GNU hackers discover HACIENDA government surveillance and give us a way to fight back

From August 20th

GNU community members and collaborators have discovered threatening details about a five-country government surveillance program codenamed HACIENDA. The good news? Those same hackers have already worked out a free software countermeasure to thwart the program.

Press release:

US cell phone unlocking law: a temporary fix to only part of the problem

From August 21st

Every three years, the Library of Congress is charged with carving out exemptions from the DMCA’s (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) anti-circumvention provisions. While the current law allows users to have someone unlock their phone for them, it does not permit so-called “bulk unlocking,” where someone buys multiple phones and unlocks them for resale. And it doesn’t address the root issue, which is that users must be able to fully modify all the software on any of their phones or computers.

Watch: “JavaScript: If you love it, set it free”

From August 27th


FSF executive director John Sullivan spoke at this year’s FOSDEM, a volunteer-organized conference held in Belgium that highlights the development of free software.

Replace your proprietary BIOS with Libreboot


From August 4th


With the launch of the Libreboot project, users now have an easy-to-install, 100% free software replacement for proprietary BIOS/boot programs.

FSF at CommonBound conference on economic equality


From July 31st


FSF campaigns manager Zak Rogoff reports on his attendence at CommonBound, a Boston conference for those working towards a more equitable and sustainable economy.

Introducing Micah, summer intern for the Licensing Team


From August 5th


Micah-Shalom Kesselman recently started working at the FSF as one of this summer’s licensing interns. In this post, he writes about his interest in free software and what his goals are for his internship.

Free Software on the final frontier: GNU Radio controls the ISEE-3 Spacecraft


From August 8th


Equipped with free GNU Radio software, a group of citizen scientists has contacted, controlled, and is attempting to recapture a 1970s-era satellite and bring it back into an orbit close to Earth.

Recap of Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup: August 1


From August 1st

GNU MediaGoblin 0.7.0: Time Traveler’s Delight


By Chris Webber, from August 26th


The GNU MediaGoblin project has released version 0.7.0 of their media management software. The release features preliminary federation and a new theme.

Join the FSF and friends in updating the Free Software Directory


From August 29th


Tens of thousands of people visit each month to discover free software. Each entry in the Directory contains a wealth of useful information, from basic category and descriptions to version control, IRC channels, documentation, and licensing. The Free Software Directory has been a great resource to software users over the past decade, but it needs your help staying up-to-date with new and exciting free software projects.


To help, join our weekly IRC meetings on Fridays. Meetings take place in the #fsf channel on, and usually include a handful of regulars as well as newcomers. Everyone’s welcome.


The next meeting is Friday, September 5 from 2pm to 5pm EDT (18:00 to 21:00 UTC).


Details here:

After this meeting, you can check to see the rest of September’s weekly meetings as they are scheduled.

LibrePlanet featured resource: Laptops comparison


Every month on LibrePlanet, we highlight one resource that is interesting and useful — often one that could use your help.


For this month, we are highlighting our Laptops Comparison page, which provides information about free softare support on laptops. You are invited to adopt, spread and improve this important resource. Try adding your laptop or importing the current information into h-node.

Do you have a suggestion for next month’s featured resource? Let us know at

GNU Spotlight with Karl Berry: 26 new GNU releases!

To get announcements of most new GNU releases, subscribe to the info-gnu mailing list: Nearly all GNU software is available from, or preferably one of its mirrors ( You can use the url to be automatically redirected to a (hopefully) nearby and up-to-date mirror.


This month, we welcome Raman Gopalan as a new co-maintainer of GNU gengen (with its author Lorenzo Bettini), Marcel Schaible as the new maintainer of GNU gperf, and Sergey Poznyakoff adds yet another new package, direvent, to his long list. I’d also like to specially thank Assaf Gordon (the author and maintainer of GNU datamash, new last month) for a significant amount of effort with all aspects of Savannah; new Savannah volunteers are always needed, and welcome. Thanks to all.


A number of GNU packages, as well as the GNU operating system as a whole, are looking for maintainers and other assistance: please see if you’d like to help. The general page on how to help GNU is at To submit new packages to the GNU operating system, see


As always, please feel free to write to me,, with any GNUish questions or suggestions for future installments.

GNU Toolchain update


From August 24th


The GNU toolchain refers to the part of the GNU system which is used for building programs. These components of GNU are together often on other systems and for compiling programs for other platforms.

This month features improvements to GCC.

Richard Stallman’s speaking schedule


For event details, as well as to sign-up to be notified for future events in your area, please visit


So far, Richard Stallman has the following events in September:

Other FSF and free software events

Thank GNUs!


We appreciate everyone who donates to the Free Software Foundation, but we’d like to give special recognition to the folks who have donated $500 or more in the last month.

This month, a big Thank GNU to:

  • Andrea Tasso
  • Ritchie Thai
  • Badley Geoscience Limited
  • Michael Albert
  • The US Charitable Gift Trust in honor of Daniel G and Lynn B.
  • Grimes
  • Rick and Betsy Bronson
  • Alexander Steinhoff
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Dominik Kellner
  • Mirko Luedde
  • Iljaszenko Charitable Fund
  • Alain Brenzikofer
  • Matthew Hillyard
  • Dutt-Keshavacharya
  • Krishna Kunchithapadam
  • David Fifield
  • Stephen Ippolito
  • Aaron Gotwalt

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What is there in a Name?

Most of us carry a single name throughout our life and never bother to change. Name becomes an identity by itself and a pointer to our other identities even without our knowledge. Among our friends and relatives, name carry the identity of our face, character,etc. beyond that in a general world a name carries the identities of caste, religion, region, etc.

I have a name which is not really reflecting some of my identities and in contrast to general perception. Last 10 years of my life in Bangalore has given me some stark experiences because of my name. I could meet many people who talks about strange names and experiments on names happening in Kerala, my native state. I always attributed it to the progressive outlook of the society there. My father, who is a communist, was ready to experiment with the name of his first son. He picked my name from the sports page of a news paper. When I was born ‘Rameez Raja’ was in the Pakistan Cricket team  and making some head lines in sports column. My father was neither a cricket fan nor a Pakistan fanatic. He just dropped the royal part “Raja” from that name and my name since then is ‘Rameez’. This brought a whole lot of new experience to me for the last 33 years.

Some of my relatives were not ready to call me ‘Rameez’, instead they called me ‘Ramesh’. I believed it is because of the complexity of pronouncing my name. Then comes the school days. Most of my friends were innocent so that they didn’t bother about the ‘progressive’ angle of my name. But there were few elements very keen to know what is the name of my father and mother. Some of them assumed and spread the rumor that my parents had a inter religious marriage. That was because many of them know my mother, who was a clerk in the same school. During the college days the level of curiosity had increased on my friends circle. They wanted to know ‘What is my second name’. Don’t you have a caste tail like Nair, Nambiar, etc. My father, who dropped the royal aspect “Raja” from the original name was not keen on a second name. So for the sake of writing, I have chosen my place name as my second name and that didn’t clearly help others to identify my identity.

After Engineering my obvious destination was Bangalore even though some of my relatives insisted me to go to “Gulf”. There is a trend among house owners in Bangalore not to let their house to bachelors for obvious reasons. But we survived that and my first land lord gave his house to a group of people covering almost all religions of South India Hindu, Muslim, Christan and an atheist. Problems started after marriage. As you can imagine marriage itself had many problems. Many from my wife’s relative circle assumed that I am Muslim and had a tough time for her to convince all of them.

My wife was doing M.Tech in an Engineering college near Kumara Swamy Layout in Bangalore while we got married. I couldn’t get a house for almost a month after our marriage and she continued in her P.G. Things got improved after she also joined for the search of a house as her appearance in no way suggest her as a Muslim. House owners will ask at least two or three times my name and will show a confused face. My wife will come for my rescue and start explaining about my name. They will get relaxed a bit. Then they will bring the secular card. “No. No. We don’t have any such problems. We haven’t given our house to Muslims earlier. That is why…” The same experience repeated in different degrees in all six rented house deals.

The last one was a bit different with a different dimension to it. Even after our explanation our house owner and his family continued to believe I am Muslim and they told the neighbors and other tenants also. “They are Kerala Muslims and inter religious marriage”. This had some impact on the relationship with our neighbors. Another tenant in the same building has a kid of the same age as my daughter. In no time they became friends. But his parents were really worried that he may eat something from our house. Interestingly they were also meat eaters, but they didn’t want their son to eat anything from an “Ahindu” house. At some point they started stopping our daughter from visiting their house, but her age didn’t bother to obey. But it took a bad turn when they started poking us  about our cleanliness, water usage, etc. They started picking up all sorts of minute things. That was the first time I have decided to change my house without a reason of my own. The next street is dominated by Muslim population. When I started looking for a house they were receptive because of my name. But they didn’t lend me one when they got in to the details.

I got a new house closer to my work place but a bit far from our Organization’s office. The current house owner is a retired magistrate from Tamilnadu. To my surprise he was also not an exception while inquiring about my religion. But the explanation he has given was drastically different from the previous people. “This area is dominated by B.J.P people. they don’t want a non-Hindu to come in this area. If I lend the house to a Muslim I may end up in giving unnecessary explanations. Thank God, You saved me”. He had to say this much because I had made a verbal agreement with him the previous day.

My current neighbor is from “Kerala”. But the first thing they wanted to know was our caste. They have asked this to my wife and at a later time to our maid too. And they were keen to emphasize that they are Brahmins.

I get irked by these happenings always, but felt helpless. In last one century a lot have been changed. But fundamentally the fundamentalists inside many of us have not changed. We need to work towards a better world of equality through every interaction with others. Question ourselves, the hypocritical progressive outlook, undergo a self critical rectification process, starting from the four walls of our house.

FSMK Summer (Monsoon) camp’14


Another camp from FSMK has completed last weekend (27/July/2014). 9 days, 200 participants and 30 volunteers. Dayananda Sagar college near Banashankari was the venue this time. Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has sponsored the event.  In addition to the paid participants there were about 15 students with scholarship also joined us in the camp this time.  3 months long preparation for the camp has culminated in creating some inspired camp participants who echoed the need of GLUG in their campuses and more activities.  They understand the need of freedom in the space of software and technology and net neutrality.

Web-technologies was the theme for this camp. We started the camp by introducing the participants to GNU/Linux commands and shell scripting.  The next days went to more advanced technologies like HTML, Java-scripts, node.js, Mongodb, etc.  There was a mozilla webmaker party and Crypto Party to make the students aware of tools to secure themselves in the surveillance dominated Internet. Mozilla team has helped us on the WebMaker Party.  Jnaapti has helped us on the Javascript sessions. Gautam from Jnaapti was wondering “How FSMK was not detected in their radar so far”. I was thinking as a reply, “Yes sir.. we are flying too low that others are not able to detect us🙂 “. By the way flying too low is not a bad thing and requires specialized skills. 

Students from 30 different engineering colleges across Karnataka have participated in the camp.
We had to stop the registration early July and restarted later to back fill some of the seats vacated by few after registering for the camp.  Mangalore had the highest registration with more than 40 students from two colleges. There was participation from Kolar, Hassan, Chikkamangalore, Chikka Bellappur, Mysore and Mandya in addition to the 100 registrations from Banglaore.

The organizing team has gone through a tough time in arranging the logistics for the camp, especially labs with enough number of systems.  Most of the participants came up with laptops. But we didn’t have class rooms which can accommodate all participants at the same time.  Tried BigBlueButton for some of the sessions. But it has taken lot of of time for setting up every time for different sessions and locations. Had to shift our class rooms couple of times because of some other commitments by the college. Even with these difficulties, it was one of the best venues we have got for this camp.

Students were grouped to 5 from the beginning so that they could work on a project idea proposed by the volunteers.   The project idea was to build a portal for “Sunday School” of FSMK by using different technologies they are learning through the camp. Every group was assigned one or two volunteers to assist them technically and on logistics.  Every volunteer had other duties in addition to the group mentor-ship.

There were sessions on Free Software Philosophy and mass movement functioning. Documentary based on Aaron Schwartz life, Internet’s own boy, was screened. Some of the participants were literally slipped in to tears after watching this movie.  Sainath’s Nero’s Guest was screened in Hostel.

On Sunday (27th July) Morning around 7:00 AM around 30 participants of the camp divided in to 8 groups went out of the campus and did an exercise around Open Street Maps(OSM). Yogesh from Hassan has guided us on the usage of the mobile application and how to make the contributions to OSM.

There is a new set of people coming forward to take the flags of Free Software Movement Karnataka to newer heights.  Time is changing where organizers need not push for something but there is too much demand for activism, something we dreamed few years back.  Consistent events are spreading the word about the movement to remote places like Chikmangalore and Hassan. This is happening without a full time activist for the organization. As part of the camp we have tried to meet students from each college separately and tried to get their feedback on GLUG functioning if its already present, desire to create a new one if it is not already present. Talked in detail about democratic functioning of these units and need to understand technology to do contributions to the community. Most of the colleges elected their core team which will drive the activities for the next few months and conduct a general body of the respective GLUGs. These core members would elect one or two representatives to the General Body of FSMK also so that they would be part of the state level forum which drives the activities for FSMK through out the state.

Free Software Philosophy and technologies are enablers for many streams of activities which could accommodate people from all walks of life. In addition to the new faces in the volunteers who spend all 9 days in the camp for the seamless execution, there were some old faces who are strongly convinced about the need of this organization.

This camp gives me lot of confidence for more activism. It reassure that the time and energy that we spent in the streets, slums and college corridors are not wasted.

അമുദയുടെ അമ്മമ്മ

അമ്മ മരിച്ചത് ഇന്നലെ RCCയിലെ പാലിയേറ്റിവ് കെയർ വാർഡിൽ ആയിരുന്നു. കഴിഞ്ഞ ഒരു മാസമായി അസുഖം വല്ലാണ്ട് കടുത്തു. ശരിക്കും അസുഖം തിരിച്ചറിഞ്ഞത് ഒരു മാസം മുൻപ് ആയിരുന്നു. ഒരു കണക്കിന് നോക്കിയാൽ അതും നന്നായി. മാരകമായ അസുഖം മരണവും കൊണ്ട് മുന്നിൽ നിൽക്കുന്നു എന്ന് അധിക നാൾ കരുതി ഇരിക്കേണ്ടി വന്നില്ല അമ്മക്ക്.

അസുഖങ്ങൾ അടുപ്പത്തിൽ അല്ലാത്തവരേയും അടുപ്പിക്കും. അസുഖം അറിഞ്ഞു പിണങ്ങിയിരുന്ന ചേച്ചി വന്നു. ഒരു ആഴ്ച അമ്മയോടൊപ്പം ഇരുന്നു. എങ്കിലും അവരുടെ കുഞ്ഞുങ്ങളെ കൊണ്ടുവന്നില്ല. പിണക്കത്തിന്റെ തീവ്രത അത്രയും ഉണ്ട്!. ഇനി ആരോടു പിണങ്ങും എന്ന് കാണാം.

കഴിഞ്ഞ ഒരു മാസം എന്തായിരുന്നു. ഈ അഞ്ചു വയസുകാരിയേയും ആറു മാസക്കാരനെയും കൊണ്ട് ഞാൻ പെട്ട പാട്. ജോലി തിരക്കിനിടയിൽ റമീസ് വന്നു പോയത് രണ്ടു പ്രാവശ്യം. കൃത്യ സമയത്ത് ജോലിക്ക് ഒരു ചേച്ചിയെ കിട്ടി. അന്ന് വരെ വീട്ടിൽ മറ്റൊരാളെ ജോലിക്ക് വയ്ക്കാൻ സമ്മതിക്കാണ്ടിരുന്ന അമ്മതന്നെ “എനിക്ക് ഇനി പറ്റില്ല.. ആളെ വയ്ക്കണം..” എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞു. കുറച്ചു നാൾ മുൻപ് തന്നെ ഇത് ചെയേണ്ടി ഇരുന്നതായിരുന്നു.

ആശുപത്രിയിൽ നിന്നും വന്നു കയറുന്നത് രാത്രി പത്തു മണിക്ക് ശേഷം ആയിരിക്കും. പിന്ന്നെ വേണം മോന് പാല് കൊടുക്കാൻ. മോൾ ചേച്ചിയോട് ഒത്തു പോകുമായിരുന്നില്ല. ഒക്കെ ഒരു കണക്കിന് അങ്ങ് പോകുവായിരുന്നു.

മെനഞ്ഞാന്നു റമീസ് വന്നപ്പോൾ ഒരു ഭാരം ഇറക്കി വച്ചത് പോലെ തോന്നിയിരുന്നു. ആശുപത്രിയിൽ രണ്ടു ദിവസം റമീസ് നില്ക്കും. ഇടക്ക് ഒന്ന് പോയി നോക്കാം. കുഞ്ഞിനു വാക്സിനേഷൻ കൊടുക്കണം. കോളേജിൽ ഒന്ന് പോയി തല കാണിക്കണം. സെമെസ്റ്റെർ തീരുവാണ്. പോർഷൻ ഇനിയും ബാക്കിയുണ്ട്. മിക്കവാറും രാജി വയ്ക്കേണ്ടി വരും. ഇത് എല്ലാം കൂടി ഇങ്ങനെ കൊണ്ട് പോകാൻ പറ്റില്ല.

ക്ലാസ്സ്‌ കഴിഞ്ഞ് മോളെയും കൂട്ടി വൈകുന്നേരം ആണ് ആശുപത്രിയിൽ എത്തിയത്. അമ്മയുടെ മുഖം നീര് വന്നു തിരിച്ചറിയാൻ പറ്റാത്ത വിധം മാറിയിരുന്നു. എന്നെ അറിയുന്നുണ്ടാവുമോ. ഒരു വശം മാത്രം ചരിഞ്ഞു കിടന്നു കണ്ണും മുഖത്തിന്റെ ഒരു ഭാഗവും അകത്തേക്ക് പോയിരിക്കുന്നു. ഇത് കണ്ടു നില്ക്കാൻ ആവില്ല. ഒരു സൂചി മുനയിലെ വേദന പോലും സഹിക്കാൻ വൈയാത്ത അമ്മയാണ് ഇത്രയും വേദന തിന്നുന്നത്.

കഴിഞ്ഞ മുപ്പതു വർഷം ജീവിതത്തെ ഒരു സമരമായി കണ്ട ആളാണ്‌ അമ്മ. ദാരിദ്ര്യത്തിൽ നിന്നും പുറത്തു വരാൻ പ്രായകൂടുതൽ ഉള്ള അച്ഛനെ വിവാഹം ചെയ്തു. വിദേശത്തെ ജോലിക്കിടയിൽ പറ്റിയ പരിക്ക് അച്ഛനെ തീവ്രമായി അലട്ടാൻ തുടങ്ങിയത് പെട്ടെന്നായിരുന്നു. ഇതിനിടയിൽ രണ്ടു പെണ്‍ മക്കളും കൂടിയായി. പിന്നെ ഉണ്ടായതു സ്വന്തമായി ഉള്ള ഒരു പിടി മണ്ണ് നിലനിർത്താൻ  വേണ്ട പെടാ പാടായിരുന്നു. ഒരു അരിയാട്ടു മില്ല് ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നത് സ്വന്തമായി നടത്താൻ തുടങ്ങിയപ്പോൾ അച്ഛൻ ഒരുപാടു തടഞ്ഞതാണ്. എങ്കിലും അമ്മയുടെ നിശ്ചയ ധാർഡ്യം ഒന്നിനും നിന്ന് കൊടുത്തില്ല.

രണ്ടു മക്കളെയും പഠിപ്പിച്ചു. വിവാഹം കഴിപ്പിച്ചു. അച്ഛനെ ചികിത്സിച്ചു..

ഓർമകളുടെ കുത്തൊഴുക്കായിരുന്നു. കുഞ്ഞമ്മ സെക്യൂരിറ്റി ഗേറ്റിൽ നിന്നും വിളിച്ചപ്പോഴാണ് അതിൽ നിന്നും പുറത്തു വന്നത്. കുഞ്ഞമ്മക്ക് ഗേറ്റ് പാസ്‌ കൊടുത്തു പുറത്തു നിൽകുമ്പോൾ ആയിരുന്നു അത്. പെട്ടെന്ന് തിരിച്ചു വാർഡിലേക്ക് വരണം എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ തന്നെ നെഞ്ചിൽ ഒരു കൊള്ളിയാൻ മിന്നി. പിന്നെ ആറാമത്തെ നിലയിലെ പാലിയെറ്റിവ് വാർഡിലേക്ക് ഒരു പാച്ചിൽ ആയിരുന്നു. എങ്ങനെ അവിടെ എത്തി എന്ന് അറിയില്ല. വരുമ്പോൾ ഡോക്ടർ ഹൃദയമിടിപ്പ് തിരികെ കൊണ്ടുവരാൻ അമ്മയുടെ നെഞ്ചത്ത് ശക്തിയായി അമർത്തുന്നുണ്ടായിരുന്നു.

മരണം declare ചെയ്തോ എന്ന് ചോദിച്ചത് മാമൻ ആണെന്ന് തോന്നുന്നു. അതേ എന്ന ഡോക്ടറുടെ മറുപടി വ്യകതമായിരുന്നു. എന്നിട്ടും കുറച്ചു നേരം അതിനോട് പൊരുത്തപ്പെടാൻ പറ്റിയില്ല. പൊട്ടിക്കരച്ചിലിലൂടെ അമ്മയെ നോക്കാൻ നിന്ന സുനിത അമ്മയുടെ മരണം അടിവരയിട്ടു. കൂടെ നിലവിളിക്കുക അല്ലാതെ മറ്റൊന്നും അറിയില്ലായിരുന്നു.

എല്ലാം ഒരു നിമിഷ നേരം കൊണ്ടെന്ന പോലെ കഴിഞ്ഞു. ചിതയും കട്ടപ്പണവും ചടങ്ങുകളും ഒക്കെ. ചേച്ചിക്ക് വേണ്ടി കാത്തിരുന്ന പന്ത്രണ്ടു മണിക്കൂർ പോലും കടന്നു പോയത് പെട്ടെന്നായിരുന്നു.

ജീവിതത്തിലേക്ക് ഒരു ശൂന്യത കടന്നു വന്നു. വഴക്കടിക്കാനും സ്നേഹിക്കാനും ശാസിക്കാനും ഒക്കെ ഒരാളില്ലാതെ ആയിരിക്കുന്നു. അമുദ അമ്മമ്മയുടെ മരണത്തോടു എങ്ങനെ പ്രതികരിക്കും എന്ന് അറിയില്ലായിരുന്നു. അഞ്ചു വയസേ ഉള്ളു. മരണം വളരെ ലാഘവമായി ആണ് ഇത് വരെ അവൾ കണ്ടത്. മരിച്ചാൽ പിന്നെ നമുക്ക് മരിച്ച ആളിനെ കാണാൻ പറ്റില്ല എന്ന് പറയുന്നത് അവള്ക്ക് ശരിക്കും ഈർഷ്യ ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്ന ഒന്നായിരുന്നു. അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെ അവള്ക്ക് ചുറ്റും ഉള്ളവർ ആരും മരിക്കണ്ട എന്നും. അവളെ ശുണ്ടി പിടിപ്പിക്കാൻ അമ്മ ഒത്തിരി തവണ അത് ഉപയോഗിച്ചിട്ടും ഉണ്ട്.

ആലോചനയുടെ ആഴങ്ങളിൽ നിന്നും വിളിച്ചുണർത്തിയത് അവൾ തന്നെ ആയിരുന്നു. എന്റെ ഫോണ്‍ എനിക്ക് നേരെ നീട്ടി.

“അമ്മേ.. അമ്മമ്മയുടെ ഫോണിലേക്ക് ഒന്ന് വിളിച്ചേ.. ആര് എടുക്കും എന്ന് അറിയാമല്ലോ…”..


GNU Health Localization

It is a really great experience doing a localization activity. It has started all of a sudden with the idea around November 1st, Kannada Rajyothsava. All my friends in FSMK is doing kannada localization of “GNU Health” a hospital management system. So I thought of doing the same effort to Malayalam.

Project is hosted in



Found three websites really useful in this activity.

Added few of my contacts from DAKF and other circles to the project. We need to get more people from the medical background to complete this entire project.

Looking forward to more people contributing to the project

We are seperating

After “not” that long two years we are separating.

Moving to my 6th rented house in Bangalore in the last 10 years. In the last two years I was staying in a single room which has an attached kitchen and a toilet cum bathroom(Yes…  separated by a wall.) . Initially I started my life as a single living being inside that room. I ensured that every corner was clean for the first and last time before moving my stuff (again not much, one coat, two tables, some kitchen utensils, finally my books..🙂 )

Even though I started as a single living being, the strength of my room mates increased day by day. So I started keeping the photo of Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer on my wall to remember his famous story “Bhoomiyutae Avakaashikal”. (Owners of Earth)


Happier times

You may not be familiar with all of them. But many of FSMK members have come to my home and met and greeted them.

Now my wife has given me an ultimatum that if she need to come to Bangalore even during the vacation, I should separate with my current room mates. She is more concerned for our new born it seems.  Can’t do much other than obeying at times. So devised my own strategy to move to a new place, at the same time, don’t want to make my current room mates unhappy. The New building just opposite to the current one and the direct distance is less than 50 meters. We can meet any time but separating for a short term. But if at all they come to the new home, Pournamy is going to become a murderer.